Americas Trip 2005 - 2007 / Part Venezuela

Leonard M is the name of the boat.
It is only a 30 meter (93ft) ‘towing’ boat which comes form Alaska to his new port in Venezuela.

The Captain Cruz and his crew call me welcome on board and so we are now 7 people.

At night we cross already the legendary Panama Canal with my Fusae on board!









8 hours takes the lake crossing and lock system part.






















From the next 3 days I hardly know anything – I’m sea sick!!!!










I throw up till I hardly can move and don’t know where is up and down.

My ‘landratt’-body strikes and cramps that bad, that I cant feel my arm of pain any more.












Fusae also seems to be on the wrong place on earth, she get washed by the sea.



As we reach at the 5th day the harbor of Maracaibo / Venezuela I nearly start to cry when I see my baby – rust, all over with rust!










As soon my passport is checked and I can more or less stay – I give her a quick wash and oil Fusae. Start her up and... – Yeah, what a devil machine – she runs!



Saturday is of course everything closed and the custom papers will be done at Monday.




Adnan the new boat owner treats me minimum like a crew member.
I stay in the same hotel, eat with the guys and spend the weekend.


My body takes some more days to recover and switch back to normal.
I hope it can go on ‘normal’ with my travels.
But as you know, an other month – an other story.

For now I can only say;

South America now you have me!



Somehow the rest of the beautiful venezuelan part got missing - for now please continue and check out brasil.