Americas Trip 2005 - 2007 / Part Para-, Uruguay

I love it to ride thru this lovely country side and reach the capitol Asuncion soon.
Here lives poor and rich door on door – incredible.

And on a hot summer afternoon the city park fountain will be ‘turned’ automatically in a pool for the poor one.

The most roads are paved and so I don’t mind at all to ride from north to west and east to south.
Fusae runs just great and I treat and spoil her how she deserves it.
The famous Iguaçu falls didn’t touch me much so I decide to see some Jesuit ruins from the 16th century.

I give it a try and ride back to Iguaçu from the Argentinean side.
Wow, these are the Falls I though of!!

The water masses collapsing 90 meter in to the depth. There should be a total of 275 separate falls. The unbelievable amount of 13.000 m3 water per second at the horse shoe shaped highlight called devils throat impress me even more.

At a tiny, little waterfall my Iguaçu friends and I take a bath. Incredible the power, this power shower peels almost my skin off my scalp!
I am more than happy having returned.

This is right start to get the huge Argentina step by step known.

There is some more space on the KM/mile counter, then he shows me right now ‘only’ 40.000 KM (some 25.000 miles)

Where, who a.s.o. is for sure – at the end of the month here to read!

Thank you for having a look at my blog and if you excuse me now – the huge playground called WORLD is waiting

Out there for me!


November 2006


Farmland, Capitols &
'the motorcycle diary' !!!

In Zick Zack style south.

First from the Iguazu Waterfalls in the northeast corner of Argentina thru the Pampa a bit further southwest.

Somehow I an not impressed from the city of Corrientes and I ride further thru big, flat, with rivers carved landscapes.

Temperatures start to change a lot from day & night, sun & shadow, dry & rain and the different gets bigger and bigger.

With the border crossing to Uruguay I war all my warm clothes like an onion, one over the other.

These clothes which don’t dry after a laundry day a 100 % I stripe with a bungee cord on the bike and the rest does the wind.
I call this the lazy housewife laundry.

Uruguay feels like an undiscovered jewel in the tourism world.
Fantastic plains, soft rolling hills, trees which lead me in the next town, great cities and over all the great people.

Real Motorbike classics like BSA, Ariel, Universal a.s.o. from the 40s I meet on the road.
Actually I wanted only a little snack break, but 1. It comes different and 2. As you think.

So this little stop became a real late afternoon tee with this local biker.
















The with building covered peninsula called ‘Punta del Este’ grows from a 70 glamour to the Acapulco of Uruguay.










The capitol, Montevideo doesn’t need to be scared to loose its famous touch.









Lots of historic buildings, the government, interesting flairs and around 2 mil habitants make it to that what it is.





Close by are immigrant areas like ‘ new Switzerland’ where I have a look at the world thru almost real Swiss cheese.








A nice stop in the pretty Colonia before I return to Argentina.















Unbelievable but true – I reach at the same summer day this Christmas decorated Buenos Aires!!