Americas Trip 2005 - 2007 / Part Brazil
Many KM/MLS thru fantastic landscapes, to great people, happenings and nature wonders!

After a concert at the opera of Manaus we were ready to go.
100ts of boxes, carriages, fishes, refrigerators and some motorbikes are on board, 100ts of hammocks towed on an ready for the boat trip.

On a side arm of the Amazons river (Rio Madeira) we shipper on the boat with the name ‘Dois Irmaos I’ upstream.
Calm and slow it tuckers the next 5 days towards my destination.

Landscapes change very slow, but still I don’t get enough of looking at it.
On the first deck there is loud music jelling from the huge speakers, card and domino games going on and of course nice talks are any time welcome!

A boat routine is quickly there and all the time something going on. Pink dolphins are joining the boat which has a hard time to reach from one to the next dock.

There it gets busy – loading of people and goods (all by hand of course) and some time later it continues his journey – landscapes, sand dunes, little boats and villages are to watch – awesome!

At the 5th day we reach Porto Velho where there should be a Fusaegood road towards south.

That I have every time hart pain when I watch the guys loading my bike is natural, all by hand and only with the help of one rope..........

On my south I get caught by some rain and I wish my in panama stolen motorcycle jacket back or just some clothes with more rubber on..

The Pantanal is some days later reached.
She wetland are 3 times the size of Austria and offers many opportunities to watch wildlife.

While I am traveling I even do not need to search for the animals – they come to me.
On a nice afternoon I nearly had an accident with Aras while they tried to land close by.
Tucans I also see many times and here and there is something crawling and hushing, even a kind of Emus walk like cows around.
What a place?

At the north end of the Pantanal (and in official geographic center south America) a little national park impressed me heavily!

Sandstone rock formations and views ......... woooow, simply great!!












In the south I went in to the water...
...with neoprene, mask and snorkel!

The crystal clear rivers offer the ultimate possibility to play like in an aquarium.

Beautiful fishes seems to know no fear and let me and an other little group of people glide with them downstream – unbelievable!

Close by there is also a deep blue cave lake to discover.

Brazil is really cool, the nature rich, accommodations good, the people very warm welcoming, only the Portuguese doesn’t fit my ears.
Huge is this country as well and with all this facts an other visit programmed.

For now I say good by and cross the green border to Paraguay.