Americas Trip 2005 - 2007 / Part Argentina

Buenos Aires!!
At Dakar Motos, Fusae, Moses and I get a nice and warm welcome.
Thank you Sandra and Javier – it really feels coming home.

There is place to sleep an to work at the bike (Service and new parts after almost 45.000 km = 26.400 mls).
So, I take Fusae to peaces and have a look.
Once more I knock at the door of Royal Enfield USA.
There awesome guys send me again a great package with all the needs for my bike. Incredible generous and really a support as you can wish – thank you all!

Till I get it out of custom that’s an other story for it self.

That means I have some time to have a look around the city, to by these and that and do what it needs to be done and organized.

There is plenty of time and options to talk with other travelers.
People from all over the world meet here and that fills many afternoons and evenings.

All sorts of bikes, types, stories, motives and background meet here.
Buenos Aires – what a melt pot – from global, motorcycle and traveler sight.
Great buildings seem to be alive like Ché. (Ernesto Ché Guevara)

Have you maybe seen the movie ‘the motorcycle diary’ and remember the Norton Motorcycle which El Ché and his friend road around south america??

Unbelievable but true, I don’t only meet the mechanic of this bike, have a look at the bike it self - he even gives me this famous movie motorcycle for a spin!!!!!

Days later I am still high from this right shifted British bike.

Sir Gustavo (the old-timer specialist) has also a look at Fusae and adjust the timing new – THANKS !

These days there is also an interview for a Car & Motorcycle show where I give Answer and Information about my trip.


Bolts, nuts and studs to control and retighten a second time.

Then it is time to ride the bullet further south.





December 2006

Sold, bought & it goes on!!

Hasta luego Sandra & Javier (Dakar Motos) in Buenos Aires.

Fusae, Moses and myself are going to Azul.
These are only 300km further south.

Monica & Jorge (Pollo) have here the ‚La Posta’ – a 2 wheeler 'must top' in Argenina.
I thought I’ll stay one night, but i stood one week.

Asado, the typical argentinan grill, nice People and and a good look arround.

Hmmmmm my Fusae makes me worry.....
I dont really like her new sound. She sounds somehow different.
Not a surpirise with all these new parts and bits on her?!
This week I decide to sell her!
Gustavo (the Norton specialist) has interested people and ment the bike is in mint condition.

With knowing that much, I ride back to BsAs and the ‚illegal’ deal is quickly done.
Whipe off all the tracks from Fusae.

Soon she is a ‚old’ bike in Buenos Aires.
Diego (yellow shirt) has birthday soon and manage it to get her registert just in time!!

The happiness is big – I do have some cash in my pocket and the Guy’s a new/old bike.
So it is time so say CIAO FUSAE – have a lot of fun with your new dady and show your best side!

I have to get new organized.
That for I cruse the streets of Buenos Aires and cant belive it – I meet supersweet travelers again. Our ways went different in Brasil and today we have a great coffe together – nice how live surprises!

Ready to go with the luxerious night bus to Mendoza.

At the foot of the Andes is this pretty city.

Some visitors also lie to their own feet after some tasty wine of the region.

I instead buy a terrible bicycle, enjoy camping and hike almost every day to the ‘house’mountain ‘Cerro Arco’.

I do arround 800 meters in elevation, have great views and love it to be by my self!

Christmas is for me something unspectacular and very quiet.

In the morning I jump in the pool, afternoon go to the city and at midnight there are all over fireworks.

At new years night I’ll be in the mountains and thats the reason to wish you already;

A very happy & healthy 2007 !
All those which are on the way
- good rideing and keep the shiny side up!

My wish & favour;
When you are complaining in the future,
please think global,
put on a smile and be happy
about your luxurious & good life!!!

January 2007



Bikeless, new visa, ‚old’ friends

Between Christmas & New Year I was ‚busy’ again.

Sold my bicycle, and then I got from Rita & Freddy ( a ride to my next destination – Uspallata.

Pitch up my tent and ready to explore.
Long walks in the odd but pretty surroundings are planed.

Only the skinny valley bottom is green and rich, the surrounding mountains and peaks are dry, dusty and show only at the 2nd look the many colours and tough plants in their variety and decent beauty.




At the ‚Inca bridge’ a pretty limestone formation of course I do have a look at while I make my way to Chile.

How? Truck hitchhiking
Why? I want to get a new visa for Argentina.





It worked out !
A new visa for 3 month – Yeah!!

Even with an invitation for a New Year dinner I preferred to crawl in my one women tent, crack the luckily not needed Emergency light and let my thoughts go!

In the first January days 2007 once again I pack up my tent and go per VIP bus to Cordoba.

About 30 KM further away there are Maria & Erik expecting me. Erik and I met in Venezuela, stayed in e-mail contact and it was clear – if I’m around I ‚have’ to visit.

Nothing easier than that.

It’s easy to hang out with this nice and uncomplicated people with the luxury of time & the will to show me around.

All the time we were on the way.

Explore the surrounding of Carlos Paz,

visit the ‚Che’ museum in Alta Gracia,

drink Mate, eat Asado and hang out with friends,


of course we visited the beautiful nature and National Park Quebrada Condorito.



As I always say the whole live is a hello & good by – so as well here.

After 2 great weeks I take the night bus to Buenos Aires.

Yes you read right – back to Buenos Aires.
There is soooo much to see & explore in this city and great people to meet.







Clear is, I’ll visit Dakar Motos.

Since I sold Fusae I’m suffering pretty bad and I know that I’ll visit the Andes countries only per Motorcycle.

So be prepared and ready for a surprise what you will read & see in the February blog, then one is for sure;
1st it comes different
2nd than you think


After the last great days in the metropolis Buenos Aires
the fantastic and funny time with awesome nice people
I started at the 05th of feb.2007 from the Ezeiza airport my long time ahead booked journey back to Europe.
after I reached the rainy, cold and grey Europe I went the next day (Wednesday, 07th) to start the sunny side of this happening;
surprising family and friend!
My sister is expecting her first baby this week and in this case it was more or less programmed; huge happiness when the ‘ant’ from America is back!

So my dear lovely, nice, funny and exited readers –
thank you for ‘traveling’ with me and I hope you
don’t forget me and mz trip too soon –
one day for sure I can say it goes on with


March 2007
Hey that's a reason to come home -
- says the proud aunt!?The healthy little boy called Luca is a sunshine
and i hope he is doing his best
- we have a lot of snow to melt :o)
It's time to ride the 'new' motorcycle
- my honda transalp!!!


Since April 2007
In the first month i did some presentations
(tesch meeting, los amigos event & private)
and since may i am woking again.
Driving coaches & bus all over europe - many daytrips
and some for a week or so.
From the 1st of November - 1st of April I can continue my travels . . .
to Portugal, South of Spain ...
but this time on my Honda Transalp.