Americas Trip 2005 - 2007 / Part USA III

All 4 of us get the 'green light' to enter the states.

Back to the USA!

I never thought that I am coming back that quick!

The castle of Montezuma and the western town Tombstone where the Cowboys get berried with their boots on, is worth a stop.

Flagstaff says ' good by' to us with a snow storm when we turn off to the legendary route 66.

Crazy little towns brighten the drive before we reach late afternoon Laughlin.

A few month ago I read the story of an Argentinean who traveled from 1985 - 95 on his Honda Goldwing around the world.

His motorcycle & story is in one of the casinos exhibition halls.

After a bit of asking around we see her - the black princess - is like the bit sister of my motorcycle Fusae, or is it a vehicle of a crazy one?

The same evening we reach Las Vegas.

Theresa & Alex find a accommodation at the Strip (main road of Las Vegas). The pink Motel behind a wedding chapel is not one of the fancy one, but it is cheap and close to everything.

Shelley & Bob welcome us 2 and are great as ever. The next evening we go and lose some Dollars with Theresa & Alex in the Casino while playing different games. We wonder around - from 'Venice' to 'Margarethaville'.

Thanks to you guys - it was nice to have you with us, but it is time to say good by.

Saturday is the last (and only one) prof. car wash for Jimmy and I drive to the first dealer to see how much they will offer. The best one will get it.

At Monday the 30th of January I pick up Fusae!

Many times I have to listen how happy I would make some people if I travel with a real bike, but paying wants no one for it. I catch myself with this idea of changing and even have a look at the internet and magazines, but Fusae is Fusae. I start to redo her and draw the map on the luggage box again.

Henriette alias LUNA on tour I can cal myself from February 2006 on !

This bad feeling in my tummy is almost gone and I could yell it to the world; I..D.O..I.T..M.Y..W.A.Y..!

To travel on a motorcycle is like flying!



February 2006


Viva la MEXICO!

Hasta luego Shane!

Adiós Jimmy!


More than 12000 miles (18000) km we did with our Jimmy before I sold him at the 5th of Feb. 2006.

It is not the best price I get for him, but gone is gone!

The same is Shane the next day - gone to find work at some fiends place in Colorado.

And I.... that’s easy to guess.

I started the next day with Fusae, Moses and all the other stuff.
The insurance paper I got with DHL just on time so I can start without worrying.

Las Vegas - Flagstaff - Albuquerque -Texas.

After a very cold week at 0' to max. 15 'C, I cross easy the border to Mexico. The motorcycle loves the warmer temperatures as much as I do.

She works better than in the cold.

There she had a new 'idea' to get my attention - Fusae started to spit oil. She almost covered herself with it that it is a real pleasure to search for the problem.