Americas Trip 2005 - 2007 / Part USA II

After some time on Vancouver Island I take the ferry over to Washington Peninsual. When I do the immigration paperwork, I am super lucky and it makes me happy - an other 90 days visa to visit the states.
With that stamp in my passport I can travel without rushing.
At the Olympia national park it is easy to spend some days.

Do you know the move 'the lord of rings'? some parts should be filmed here.

I have the feeling that some of this beautiful mossy trees want to talk to me and move if you don’t pay attention.

I feel like Mr. Frodo who made a deal with the trees....

(this part of a tree got shiny only from touching)

In the city of Olympia, Fusae gets an other prof. check that I can keep going south save.
At the weekend of the 31st of July 2005 I celebrate at the Mt. St. Helens National Park - what I have to celebrate.......?
The expiring of my return flight ticket - now it is really an open end trip.... I take a deep breath and tjuhui !!!




August 2005

Washington, Oregon,
north. California, Nevada

Cold Coast, Vulkano,
giant trees, 'San Fran'
& KM

As you mabe read in the July 2005 blog I reached the Mt. St. Helen Nationalpark.

This Vulkano erupted 25 years ago and didn't left only a still bubbling, steaming and funny shaped crater, as well a desaster.

The reforesting takes ages and about the family tradegies not even to image.

Very inforamative and interesting information centers give me an idea what was /is going on and almost a view in to the vulcano.

In Oregon I try it to find a pleasant coast - but nothing realy beachy.

The whole pacific coast down till southern california is in summer covered in a thick, heavy, grey, cold fog.

A famous writer said once; the coldest winther I spent was a summer in San Francisco ...... or something like that.

This is one of the nicest day's at the beach.

One of the vew things which makes me lough in this temperatures are this tsunami-alarm and emergency signs.

The big (through under water earthquake started) waves are here all called tsunami.

When I think back to my Indian trip in Dec 2004/Jan 2005 I wish nobody a tsunami experience...

....and then this stuped idea of having an emergency exit...

..America, America, in this land is really everything possible.

I ride only further south to reach the sanddunes, watch all sorts of vehicles and riders having fun at this enourmous playground.

I deside that this is enough cold - it is summer and I want to have nice temperatures . . . . the solution is . . . . exactely . . . . .inland.

Beautiful little roads, great rivers, nice weather, fat green forests and then . . . . aaaaah.....please not . . . . . . I know this sawingmachine sound form south montana.

I let fusae roll down the hill, reach the tiny town called Kellogg.
I stop on a little side road and let Fusae cool down.

I need a drink, get out of my motorcyclejacket and check the map!

I have a look arround - wow, a 2 house 'city'.

At the 1st house I ask for a spot to camp and mabe a tourque rench....?!


Glenda & Ron are sweet and offer me streight away a roon and all they can.

Even some days later they bring me to the next (200KM) dealer.

He is close to Eugene - a university city in Oregon.

I need a lot more stuff.

The dealer agrees and started to order.
Right now we do not know why the same thing happend again - with all the maintenance & care my motorcycle gets?
This time the whole repair does the dealer, they get payed for it and should do it propper.

After a talk with the family which takes care of one of the town churches I can camp behind the building.

They also let me use their bathrooom and we have a good time.

At the time there is a coming & going, some popsicle ice cream arround and some dice for 'oh shit' game rolling!

I go for some walks (mostly to the library to check my mails) or get a ride from this nice family where ever I need to go.

One day, as I bother the guys at the workshop we discover a little whole in the veld at the exhaust emissionkontrole.
Finally, after 2 weeks of camping behind the church, trying & checking to get a good job at fusae done I can continue my travels.
My motorcycle sounds since this repair just crap!

On the beautiful way to crater lake I have to do 2 emergency repais.

I improvice even with an old drinking straw....finally I can enjoy this awesome surroundings.

The blue of crater lake is just stunning and the possebileties of hikes are endless -
I love it!

Some days later fusae (my motorcycle), Moese (the tedybear at the front fender) and myself are riding as good as it goes through the redwoods.

Some trees are over 100 m high.

It feels like we shrank, but that didn't happen.

There beautiful trees are just enormous.

Immage how many toothpegs you can get out of one....??

Even here I try to take the 'backroads' and reach some days later the famous Napa Valley.

This is a very nice wine region.

Winery after winery and the hills are filled with this timeconsuming 'plants'.

Stretch limousines, luxerious Villas, art & everything which counts for good live.

An other short ride away is San Franciso.

At the golde gate bridge fewing spot I meet a Harley Davidson club.
It cracks me up - they are form Lyon /France - not far (one day drive) from where I live in Austria.

This is a group of 10 women and man, the holidayers dont have that much time, so I have the view later for myself.
The Marin Park is close by, where I find a nice hostel.

Actually I have been searching for a camping, but as I discover this hostel....
iIt's the same price as caming and I havent slept in a real room for over 5 weeks ?!

The peace and freedom out here is fantastic and just over the bridge there is this great, colourful, interesting, global, crooky street & tram city.

I enjoy it to crouse throu china town, find the corner where the hippy movement started and view to alcatraz where the bad boys are.

With the finest sushi in my 'tommy' I ride some days later for a wisite to Sacramento.
My friend works very hard in a difficlut enviorment and for 'relaxing' she has a special 'hobby'!
I get invited and am more than happy to follow. The next morning we get up early and drive at 5.15 am to the city.
There is a room already preheated on 42 'C
My friend is an instructor for 'hot yoga' and so we stretch, bend and ballance for the next 1 1/2 hours. So much fun!!

Totaly relaxed I ride to Lake Tahoe. This scenic road takes me arround the lake and I meet some fiends which I met up in Olympia - it's nice to see some familiar faces.
Late evenings I make it to the next Royal Enfield dealer in Reno.

Streight away he knew what's wrong with my bullet (my type of Royal Enfiled) and 'fixes it emediatly.
These guys here do know what they dare doing.
Hip hip hurray - my fusae sound way better and does not run to lean any more!
I'm proud to be able to tell - 15.000KM are done.

I did not thought that it goes that quick ;o)

At friday I do get some more parts here and the last prof. Royal Enfield dealer here in Reno, but thats a different story - it is already September.


The "old" september-blog is somehow

gone, dont ask me where....

If I am bored I will hunt this part of
my trip in the www and see if i can
find the stories around Las Vegas.