Americas Trip 2005 - 2007 / Part Mexico II

Las Vegas - Flagstaff - Albuquerque -Texas.

After a very cold week at 0' to max. 15 'C, I cross easy the border to Mexico.


My motorcycle loves the warmer temperatures as much as I do.

She works better then in the cold.

There she had a new 'idea' to get my attention - Fusae started to spit oil. She almost covered herself with it that it is a real pleasure to search for the problem.

We (the team) enjoy the scenic ride from Vera Cruz to Oaxaca in the mountains.

Real mountains.

The street is so steep that the roads seem to wind endless around them.

Fusae gets here and there a break to cool down and I enjoy the great view.

It smells nice after sweet orange tree flowers - mmmmh!

I reach Oaxaca and at the Hostel I get a good surprise.

Fusae has a special parking.

The big gate get only for the boss which is a BMW rider and me opened - I like it!
That’s 1st class lodging for reasonable price.

At the fist day I want to do some work an my motorcycle and search for a workshop.

At a motorcycle shop where I can do all the maintenance, they are happy to have me there. The mechanic is right away here if a screw doesn’t open the easy way.

All the time there is someone which is asking me something or takes a picture. The mechanic Ricardo is a member of the local motorcycle club called 'legionarios’.
He invites me for a Sunday ride for breakfast in the mountains.

The whole week is something going on.

With the ‘presidente’ Marco I visit the ruins of Monte Alban, hang around the whole night and join the meeting.

The highlight is to spend the weekend at the beach of Oaxaca.

10 people, 9 bikes and me as a passenger.

The speed at the big bikes is nothing for Fusae.

The Harleys, BMW's and Hondas are to fast.

We camp for 3 days right at one of the quiet beaches of Huatulco.

We enjoy the good food, the Tequila & Mescal, good swimming and snorkeling and the relaxed atmosphere of the group.

Sunday morning we are riding over 1000curves or more back to Oaxaca.

The nasty speed bump which are used in whole Mexico are a pain in the neck and long time ago I stopped to count them.

Back in 'my' hostel I pack all my stuff and get ready for Guatemala.



From Oaxaca I ride more or less straight to the border.

The first part of the journey is relaxed, pretty and beautiful, the curves are just right in their angle and I make good miles.

At the skinny land section before I reach Chiapas the situation changes. It is known for a lot of wind, but really that much..?....
I drive almost in the middle of the road, but the wind keeps pushing me to the right.

I slow down and down, lean against the strong wind, but nothing helps - the next gust squeezes me off the road.

2 feet down the dirt and gravel. I have to wait a while - the wind is to strong to lift the motorcycle up and continue my fight.

With the last day in February I cross the border to Guatemala.
First the paperwork, try to make all this sales man and helpers stop to bother me and get some money changed - ready for the 7 country tour in central America, but that my fiend is a different story.

The best greetings form Guatemala from a happy Henriette alias LUNA.