Americas Trip 2005 - 2007 / Part Canada

Hello Canada!

In the southern part of the state Alberta I learn about the flatland Indians and dinosaurs.

Great museums explain a lot of history.
To camp - that’s tough - millions of little mosquitoes.
They are terrible and annoying, but with tons of repellent and nice sights finally I learn to ignore them.

The Hoodoos I see, are just cool - I love them!
This are sandstone pinnacles with a stone 'hat' on top.
Super cool , same as once more my timing.

This weekend there is one of the biggest west Canadian motorcycle meetings.
Of course - I stay!
Good live music, super sweet people and awesome atmosphere.
The whole scene is surrounded by nice scenery - the Canadian badlands.

For fun I sign Fusae (my motorcycle) at the show & shine competition show in.
7 categories.
But which one is for us?
I think we fit in the category metric tourer.
Some screws are metric and we are touring!!
Some hours later I cant believe it - we make the 1st price in our category!









The crowd is fascinated - they love my story of traveling & my bike.

I don’t get it - I’m right in the scene.

Local newspaper interview and a motorcycle newspaper report... All the time there are people talking to me and shake my hand, I don’t know how many???

I love it and I am very happy for my Fusae - there is no more reason to be jealous.
All the time when I talked about Shanti (my 1967 Royal Enfield in Austria) she got jalous.
Fusae has a trophy!

I check out Calgary quiet quickly and visit the Stampede.

That’s a festival under the 'howdy' motto.

All about horses & cowboys. Rodeos, chuck wagon races, several show, parades, expeditions, cowboys & show starlets.

Time to move on to the National Parks Banff, Yoho & Jasper.

With a nice Israeli and Bob from Las Vegas I share a campground spot.

We find eazy a better way to spend the savings for :o))

A view days later I reach the state British Columbia where I get a 'never-ending' rain shower as welcome.
6 hours riding in poring rain - that’s enough - and a good accommodation is needed afterwards.

Within the next days I visit whistler and Vancouver.
I can smell the salt in the air and love the city straight away.
Clean, green, easy, interesting and much more that’s Vancouver to me.

Before I like it too much I take the ferry to Vancouver island.

Unbelievable what happened on this ride - an other Royal Enfield.
Paroma & Raj are traveling for 2 weeks to see some friends.

At the pacific rim at Vancouver island I set a personal milestone - 10.000 KM!

A view days later and with a lot of nice experiences I visit the capitol Victoria.

I find some little speakers for the DC player which revolution the camping style - real music!

It's not much more luggage - I can fold them together to a little package.

I do in the area some great forest hikes, climb a summit where I have a great view to the city and the US.
Some days later I take a ferry over there. When I do the immigration paperwork, I am super lucky and it makes me happy - an other 90 days visa to visit the states.