Americas Trip 2005 - 2007 / Central America Part II


After this very nice time at Roatan it doesn’t bother me to much that I have on the way to El Salvador almost no or terrible roads.

More then once I nearly get hit by a soccer ball, almost crashed with a huge bird and find evenings a scorpion in my bed!?! See, I am relaxed! ;o)

When I clean evenings my skin from all the dirt, the water turns muddy gray - I better don’t want to know how my lungs look like.
The busses leave a black cloud behind them and everyone is trying to overtake me - just to be a head....and just to let you know, there are a lot of busses in this countries!

That’s also a part of traveling - I couldn’t get closer to a country - I feel it as close as it can get!

The total chaotic with road side stalls plastered center of San Salvador I explore by foot or bus.
It is easier and saver I think.
Fusae stays in the same hotel room as I, to make sure nobody touches her on the 'wrong' spots.

She gets as well an other check to make sure we get many more miles without problems.

First I cross without any problems the border to Nicaragua where I say good by to Honduras and my funny 'border committee'!

A new country is like a new chapter of my travels.
All this countries are different, the mentality of the people, their culture and the county it self.

Many times I get asked for how long and where I am going to travel.....
...that’s a easy question....T.I.L.L...I'M....H.O.M.E..!!


April 2006



April, April – I do what I want!!

After the usual 1 ½ hours border paper work and the first terrible kilometres I made it to Leon.
A lot of history and chaos try to combine here and the result is a relaxed, busy, big town.
Also the old and new, tradition and trend is well mixed.

Horse carriages are seen as well as fancy cars & fashion.
I explore a lot by walking and on a nice day I ride with Fusae to the beach.

What a surprise, Poneloya is great.

Totally nice beach, half-moon after half-moon bay, some rocks and hardly any tourist.

It is nice to explore at the clean beach and have a drink here and there.

The sound of the ocean get mixed with some music from the bar and maybe some working noises.

It looks like it is only a question of time till this little paradise changes.

From riding on the bad roads some parts of the motorcycle simply break.

Its easy to find a welding shop which does it immediately!

On the outskirts of Managua I ride my way to Granada.

Catch even the right road.

Many time I have to cross where to go.

It helps to orientate after the sun and maybe the direction of the wind than searching for signs ;o)

After some days in and around Granada we (Fusae, Moses and me) take the ferry to Ometepe.

At the ferry jetty beach is on Sundays a lot going on.

The boat rides to the double Volcano island is not a s bad as the roads over there.

About a quarter of the island roads are cobblestone and the rest...?!

The rest is more a track then something else. I make it to my accommodation and enjoy it TO BE.

I swim to a money island and have on the way back a yet with the fisher man.

At the hostel dock it is photo time with Fusae.

At the 5th day back to the mainland, I see one more historic interesting town which is changing to a tourist destination.

It is crazy, just cross the border and the wealth is smiling at me – I’m in Costa Rica.