Americas Trip 2005 - 2007 / Centralamerica Part I


Often the thin & light to heavy & thick air is so full and rich of intensive smell that it is hard to find the outgoing spot for the mixture of smell.
It can take me some time to find out what is 'dancing' in my nose.
The 'pictures' in my head & eyes change as the smell does - it is enormous - so much information.

Ok, one after the other.

At the 1st of march 2006 I reach Guatemala.

Some days I spend at and around the lake Atitlan.

The markets are great with it's colors and varieties.
The people are very friendly, mostly a bit shy in the beginning, but soon they realize that I am not a tourist - I'm a traveler.

Sometimes I help to prepare their goods to sale or lift up some heavy bags to balance on someone’s head.

The kiddies are anyway happy with the camera - no words needed!

They are having fun smiling in to tha camera and check them self out at the screen.

Since some weeks I have a digital camera and love this toy.

The old classic 35mm camera gave up and so I became modern.

To get to natural beauty spots like the pretty bath tub of Semuc-Champey is not easy.

That’s the maximum for Fusae.
The road looks more like a dry river and the heat.....but we make it.

In this month I have in total 1 flat tire (1st one after 25000km), one broken throttle cable and 2 times an engine stop - which I excuse with the heat - otherwise they would be for ever a miracle!

Of course I visit more sights this month.
The Maya Ruins of Tical are worth seeing.
There I saw my first Toucan in nature!

The ride to the border of Belize is dusty and rough road, but absolutely worth it.




The usual 1 1/2 hours later I continue my riding.
The nice thing is, I leave the border with some smiling people behind me.

They like my bike, my story and the way I am.
At the police check point I am happy to continue my travels without a fine or have to return to the border to by a national insurance - that made me smile!
(I am really a stubborn woman, but why not - it was worth it)

The roads are in good conditions and compare to the neighbor countries super clean.
The garifunas (‘afroamericarebianos’), the great wooden colonial houses and the ocean do the rest to let me smile the whole day.
I love it!
Also my luggage size makes me happy. I was able to prune down a bit!

At the end of the road in Punta Gorda I negotiate with the boatman and Fusae is on board!

One more day in Guatemala before I cross to Honduras.

At the border I get shocked - what, 50 USD just to get the paper done to bring Fusae in to the country?!
But what’s the matter - I want to go - so I pay and the 'standard' 1 1/2 hours later I ride in a happy mood thru nice smelling pineapple plantations.

At the port city La Ceiba I stay in the Grand Hotel Ceiba.
They have hot showers, AC and TV -what a luxurious accommodation.
But the main reason for my stay is their guarded parking.
I want to make sure that Fusae is save.
I am going to leave her here for one week - it is holiday time form traveling.

I take the ferry to the bay island Roatan where I meet Sean.
He is American and we met at lake Atitlan in Guatemala.
We share a bungalow and enjoy each others company.

He is like a familiar soul - we enjoy walks at the beach, checking the bars,

going for lunch, swimming in the crystal clear water, l

augh till the wrinkles stay, get drunk at the balcony,

snorkel over underwater gorges and gardens, make fun about other people,

going for breakfast, bet for massages,

walk in the warm Caribbean rain 11 km, have a jet with locals and travelers or simply relax an enjoy it to BE!