Team Americas Trip 2005 - 2007

...that's us

Fusae, Moses & me
Namasté, my name is Fusae
and I’m a real Royal Enfield.
My great grand parents are from England,
but I was born in India.
There we are a big family of 350cc and 500 cc’s.
Even in Austria I do have now a older ‘sister’
which is an English original from 1967.
Luna has her since 2004 and says all the time;
Shanti is for a coffee ride
and I am the tough one for traveling.
Some people call us just bullet
as it say’s in the papers.
I’m a Bullet EC because I’m brand new,
have a electric start and a 5th gear.
The 22 horse power and
one big piston is enough to cruse around.
When Luna picked me up
in Pennsylvania USA she named me after
the famous revolutionist El Ché.
His nickname was ‘Fuse’ (the inspiring, the spark),
but it sounds with the Spanish accent more like
Sometimes I behave like him, but Luna says,
4 breakdowns are enough now.
I better I act nicer, she takes good care of me
and we see sooooo much!!
Where we are going and how we are doing
you can read every month on this pages.
Heile, we say in my Austrian
province where I’m from.
My mum gave me to Henriette alias Luna
as a good luck charm, because she says;
what Luna is doing, ‘is touch like a bear’!!
(an other Austrian saying)
So I’m with her since the first day
and know every inch she went and visited.
Some times it was hard to show her
the way thru all this countries
- but we made it!!
Luna named me Moses,
after one of her best travel mates.
Sometimes she complains
that I’m not that well entertaining,
but if I think at all the people
which saw and loved me straight away....
I love to be on the road and will stick to Luna
till - I get busted in the wind!!
......that’s me!
I’m a 1976 born a
ustrian original.
For some Austria info
On one of my previous travels (Australia,
New Zealand, Fiji, Singapore, Thailand,
Laos, Ireland, Scotland, Greece, USA, India..)
I must have been bitten by the travel bug !?
My job as a master pastry chef
I quit many years ago and worked
the last 7 years in the bus business
– which I loved to do!
Where I travel next and what I’m going to see
I don’t want to tell to loud in advance,
1. it comes different
2. as you think!!